Today we wrote some Haikus, here are the two haikus I wrote…


High up in the tree

climbing higher and higher

how I feel so free.



Flowers stretching high

Fairys and pixies flying

magic in the air.

The Magic Flute Oprea

On Wednesday Opera Australia performed the Magic Flute to our school.  I thought that the piano playing was amazing and the singing was very talented, the only thing that I didn’t like didn’t even have to do with the opera, My legs got very sore. My favourite scene was where the monster was chasing the prince. I also liked the scene when they found Sarestro. I liked these scenes because they were well acted and funny.I would be happy to watch this again.

My 3 way conference

A new book-1otfiik

Our class had our 3 way conferences. I think I did well on my poem though next time I will make sure that I pronounce Arabia properly. My feedback from Mrs Walker was that it was very detailed and that I used humour and made it interesting for my audience.

Yummy bruschetta

Today for kitchen garden we made bruschetta. We had to mainly chop up tomatoes. We had to also slice the bread but that wasn’t easy. Later on I cut my finger with a knife which made it extra hard!!!! After, we had to clean up (it can’t all be fun) after it was delivered to the grade 4s we got to eat it. I wonder what we’re doing next week.